We study millions of top ranking websites in any niche and give you the perfect link building recipe that works guaranteed!


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We've researched thousands of top brands online, and we reveal their SEO strategies for you
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SEO Freelancers

We've done all the niche specific backlink research for you. Lynks.io will show you exactly where to get your backlinks from, in order to rank your client's websites, guaranteed.

Small Businesses

Can't afford to pay thousands of pounds for an SEO agency? Use our tool to build your own backlinks and rank your website on top, with no SEO knowledge at all. All this for the price of a meal and a beer.

SEO Agencies

Systematise and organise your link building like you've never thought it's possible. Use our powerful and compiled link data to rank any website in any industry, with no exceptions. Add as many clients as you want in our CRM.

AdSense/Affiliate Websites

Use our link building tool to quickly rank AdSense or Affiliate oriented websites on top of Google, and earn passive income from Google AdSense and affiliate commissions.

Full CRM functionality out of the box.

We've built Lynks.io to make link building as easy as possible. Mark your link opportunities with green, yellow, red or brown, depending on the status of your submission. You can also save details about your submissions, for example you can save the link url that you've created, and even the username and password if you had to create an account  (in case of most web directories, for example).

The perfect link building solution for SEO agencies

Add multiple client websites in your account  and manage their link building independently with our powerful and unique CRM functionality.


Find out within milliseconds  what the top ranking websites in your client's industries are doing with our powerful, industry specific backlink research data.


Request a custom niche research when you get a new client onboard - we'll find out what their competitors are doing and we'll provide you with the perfect backlink recipe.


Easy Pricing Plans

Our pricing is suitable for any business, big or small - from small one man band local business to corporate SEO agencies, our plans are made to maximise the value that Lynks.io can provide.


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£ 69 mo

  • 1 website 
  • 1 user account
  • 2 niches of choice
  • Full CRM functionality

£ 99 mo

  • 15 clients
  • 3 user accounts
  • Unlimited niches
  • Full CRM functionality
  • 2 on-demand niches/mo
  • 2 custom list upload
  • Premium support  

£ 199 mo

  • 100 clients
  • 20 user accounts
  • Unlimited niches
  • Full CRM functionality
  • 5 on-demand niches/mo
  • 50 custom list uploads
  • Premium support

Our subscribers are absolute dominant in their niche

See what some of the beta users that have been using Lynks.io have to say about the Lynks  platform. Feel free do a research on their websites and see  how they've managed to explode their rankings with the help of our compiled links data.

Lynks.io gave us the perfect tools to find the best link opportunities that actually work, and helped us build and manage our link building like no other tool on the web. We are now the number one Rubik's cube solver website in the world. Thank you!
rubiks-cube-solver.com ( also owning rubiks-cu.be, how-to-solve-a-rubix-cube.com, ruwix.com )
Within less than one month, our website went straight to number one on Google for any keyword that's relevant to our services, in our area. I can not imagine the effects this tool will have on our rankings if we use it for a year - it's just mind blowing. And extremely addictive. Thank you.
We use Lynks.io as the sole tool to rank our client's websites. Lynks helped us make absolutely every client dominant in their niche, for any keyword that we have targeted, with no exceptions. We could not imagine our SEO agency without it.
We have never thought that such a powerful tool exists. Our HTML editor tools are now world dominant in search engines, and we don't know how else we would have achieved this without Lynks. Wo own over 20 websites, mostly online tools, and all of them are on the first page of Google.
We managed to rank our UK tax calculator top 5 on Google for hundreds of highly searched keywords, in less than a year. It's an invaluable tool that takes the guesswork out of link building, and gives you the perfect recipe for crushing your competitors online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Lynks.io

Lynks.io is a complete link building platform, that does all the hard work for you, in terms of link building: it provides you with a unique, comprehensive backlinks data on 300 of your (or your client's) competitors, and it sorts the link opportunities found by the most commonly used ones among the 300 top websites in the niche.

It also provides you with a unique CRM functionality that will allow you to build backlinks on-the-go, from within the same screen - no need to use spreadsheets anymore to manage your blogger outreach and link building.

The links that Lynks.io finds for you will definitely work - remember, they are the combined link strategy of not one or two, but 300 top ranking websites in your niche. If they work for 300 websites, they will definitely work for one website only, right?

This is what we do: we take the top 10 ranking websites in each niche, from the 30 most competitive areas in the UK - we search for "service_name location_name", for 30 locations.

For example, we search for "removal companies London", and we take the top 10 websites from the search results. Then we search for "removal companies Birmingham", and again, we take the top 10 websites from that location. We do this for the top 30 cities/towns in the UK. Then we conduct a comprehensive backlink research on all 300 websites, and we compile them in a single database. Our tool then algorithmically sorts these link sources by the most commonly used ones.

That's how we get the perfect recipe for your rankings, in any niche

The links that Lynks.io will discover varies from niche to niche, but there are some common patterns that we have found. For example, for local businesses, the most common backlink source is business directories. There are many top ranking websites that have ranked in top 3 just purely with a few directory backlinks. This tool will reveal those for you, and it will guide you exactly on what kind of links you should build for each industry.


Lynks.io is the most powerful link building CRM and research tool, providing you with a unique backlink research data that can help any business gain competitive advantage on search engines, by helping them replicate what the top ranking websites are doing in any niche.

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